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Trailer Tire Bias ST175/80D13 LRC 6-Ply

Trailer Tire Bias ST175/80D13 LRC 6-Ply
  • SKU: 25-952-L
Description: ST175/80D13 Load Range C - 1ST76 - This Kenda Loadstar K550 tire has a computer-designed tread that offers a radial tire appearance and increased towing stability. It's advanced rubber compound provides longer tread wear time.
Specs and Features
  • 25-952-L
  • Size: ST175/D13
    Ply: 6 (Load Range C)
    Capacity: 1,360 lbs @ 50 PSI
    Overall Dia.: 24"
    Section Width: 6.6"
    Mfg No.: Kenda-Loadstar K550

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