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Holland Heavy-Duty Pintle Hook Hitch - 15-Ton

Holland Heavy-Duty Pintle Hook Hitch - 15-Ton
  • SKU: 17-200-H
Description: Holland PH30RP41- A versatile rigid mount pintle hook, designed for over-the-road and off-road towing within stated capacities. Fast latch design allows one hand operation. Forged from special alloy steel that is heat treated for strength, toughness, and durability. For off-road applications, reduce capacities by 25% and use with a swivel-mount drawbar.
Holland PH-T-60-AOL-8
Specs and Features
  • 17-200-H
  • 6,000 lbs. (2721 kg) Vertical Load
    30,000 lbs. (13607 kg) Gross Trailer Weight
    Weight: 11 lbs. (4.99 kg)

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