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Hockey Puck Lock

Hockey Puck Lock
  • SKU: 32-803
Trimax - This heavy-duty hasp and hatch guard lock's solid construction is guaranteed to be bolt cutter-proof, providing maximum security. High-strength shackle measures 3/8" in diameter and its hidden design resists tampering.

Specs and Features
  • 32-803
  • Thick "puck-style" construction provides maximum security protection for any hasp/hatch style closure
    Great for the cam door lock found on many enclosed cargo trailers
    Guaranteed to be bolt cutter-proof
    5/8" diameter, hidden shackle resists cutting and sawing
    Cavity of the lock on the back measures 5/8" tall x 1-3/4" wide x 1-1/8" deep
    3 keys included

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